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STØTEK Offers SE Asia with All-around Alu Melting Solution

STOTEK China Ltd. has once again presented itself in Southeast Asia by taking part in METAL AP 2019, introducing Danish brand STØTEK thermal energy equipment to local customers, especially its immersion heating aluminum alloy dosing furnace – DOSOTHERM and its all-round melting solution in melting, holding and dosing.

Mr. Cao Jun, General Manager of STOTEK China said: “for the past years, STØTEK 's heat equipment has been sold in China and Asia-Pacific region through agents. With the continuous expansion of Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, STØTEK officially decided to invest in these regions at the beginning of 2019 and in May 2019 STOTEK China Ltd. was set up to be its subsidiary and production base in China. With European technology and Chinese production capacity, the company produces and assembles melting furnaces, dosing furnaces, holding furnaces and other related products. Next, a sales service team specially serving Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc., will be organized to serve Southeast Asian customers in a better, faster and more direct way. At the same time, a R&D center will also be established in a joint effort between STOTEK China and Chinese universities. Together with STØTEK headquarter in Denmark, we will design more featured products to meet customers' needs in time.”

“Southeast Asia covers eleven countries with a total population of more than 600 million. It is expected to be the world's eighth largest automobile trading market of huge potential. These years have witnessed an increasingly number of ‘made in China’ going abroad under the stimulation of the Belt and Road Initiative. Many of our customers have set up factories in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia,, etc. As a partner of global foundries, we must actively provide customers with the best products and services for continuous expansion. As far as the level of overall industry is concerned, there is still some distance between Southeast Asia and Europe, but it won’t be an excuse for us to sell outdated technology or even low-quality products to customers. We can guarantee at any time that the technology we offer to our customers will be the most advanced one in STØTEK,” said Mr. Liu Zhanfeng, Sales Director of STOTEK China.

In addition to the traditional DTE series dosing furnace, STØTEK DOSOTHER series aluminum alloy dosing furnace is newly launched. Immersion heating is adopted by DOSOTHER for lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, extremely low oxidation and high quality aluminum liquid, which is different from radiant heating of traditional aluminum alloy dosing furnace. Compared with the common holding furnace, the energy consumption and metal burn off of DOSOTHERM dosing furnace can be reduced by 80% and 95% seperately. There is no exhaust gas in the furnace and the surface temperature of molten aluminum is much lower, so as to enable a high dosing accuracy up to ± 1%.

The heating elements of DOSOTHERM are individually controlled and equipped with silicon nitride protection tubes for a long service life. In addition, the low surface temperature of furnace wall enables a long service life of the lining for about more than 10 years in normal condition. A degassing brick system or internal filter plate are optional for filtering and degassing.

Considering characteristics of Southeast Asian customers such as small melting scale and various types of aluminum alloys, STOTEK China also provides lots of thermal equipment production lines including AMED (an electrically heated crucible furnace for aluminum alloy and AMG (a gas heated crucible furnace for aluminum alloy).

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