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Norican Alu Casting Solutions Supporting SE Asia Auto Industry

METAL AP 2019 was held on Dec. 12-14, 2019 at EH101, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. Italpresse Gauss and Striko Westofen, two powerful solution brands of Norican Group, brought one-stop intelligent automatic solutions for nonferrous casting production from aluminum alloy melting, heat preservation, transport, dosing, ladling to high/low pressure die casting and gravity casting to Thailand and other Southeast Asian customers.

In order to expand Southeast Asia, a die casting and nonferrous casting market of great potential, Norican Group participated in METAL AP first time, aiming to support the development of local automobile industry with European-design China-made high-end equipment. Mr. Jianfei Yang, sales director of Italpresse Die Casting Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., shared his ideas in the interview. 
Italpresse Gauss and StrikoWestofen exhibiting together at METAL AP 2019

Main Business in Southeast Asia
Italpresse Die Casting Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the sales and marketing of Italpresse die casting machines, Gauss low pressure and gravity casting machines and peripheral automation equipment in the Asia Pacific region. According to Mr. Yang, “we would like to promote our technology globally and this is the main reason for us to participate METAL AP. We have our Asia Pacific headquarter of Italpresse Gauss in Shanghai which is a hub to cover the Southeast Asia market. As one of major automobile producer in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the key overseas markets for Italpresse Gauss”.

Exhibits & Expectations
Mr. Yang said: "high-pressure die casting, gravity casting equipment and intelligent automated production line solution are mainly promoted this time. Before participation in the exhibition, our die-casting machine business already began in Thailand, and received very positive feedback from the local customers. With the participation of this exhibition, we expect our communication and interaction with local users will be strengthened and understanding on local market and customer needs will be deepened. This is helpful for us to provide better products, services and solve practical problems".

Complete Die Casting Technology

Product Highlights
Italpresse Gauss two platen toggle free model is the major series promoted by the company since it was launched in 2005. With good performance, ruggedness and reliability, it has been widely used by global automobile companies and equipment suppliers. IP & IPr series three platen machine with toggle are traditional die casting machines, which can be applied to the production of various die casting molds. With bigger mold clamping & opening force and better molding effect and projection area, TF series new two platen toggle free die casting machine are applicable to a variety of die casting molds.

Automatic real-time injection system’s good performance in stability and accuracy enables it to be adopted by die casting machine at present. Italpresse Gauss equipped its DCM with automatic real-time injection and manual injection based on customers’ demands. By switching these two modes with proportional valve in different situations, more customized options are available for customers.
Two platen toggle free model

In addition to optimization and improvement of product, Italpresse Gauss also focuses on the enhancement of local service. “Italpresse Gauss has always paid quite a lot attention to the collection of customer feedback. The differences in geography and market conditions among Southeast Asian countries, relatively scattered manufacturing industry and slower aftersales service and response compared with developed countries pushes us to fully consider the convenience of production when optimizing our products. As a result, our die-casting machines adopt universal accessories for easier accessibility and purchase. To ensure normal operation before arrival of original parts and avoid losses caused by machine failures, users may also purchase and stock spare parts.

As a member of Norican Group and sister company of Italpresse Gauss, StrikoWestofen is an international leading supplier of high-end furnace technology , serving light metal casting industry with complete melting technology and equipment solutions from melting, heat preservation, transport and dosing. Headquartered in Germany, StrikoWestofen has located its Chinese production base in Taicang. With good collaboration with each other, StrikoWestofen and Italpresse Gauss has jointly provided a complete set of non-ferrous die casting equipment for aluminum foundries. Mr. Nanzhou Zhang, Sales and Service Director of StrikoWestofen Asia Pacific, shared his ideas in the interview.

Participation in METAL AP 2019
"It is still too early to compare market demand on melting equipment between Southeast Asia and developed countries & China because its technology applied in die casting and nonferrous foundry is lagged behind relatively. It is in a process of rising with large potential. This is why we participated in METAL AP and consider to explore this market," Mr. Zhang said.

Characteristics of StrikoWestofen
“StrikoWestofen provides customers with a complete set of high-end furnace technology that is stable, reliable, efficient, and durable. We help them to reduce overall cost and enhance competitiveness by offering high-quality products. StrikoWestofen is committed to providing thermal technologies and product solutions of less energy and resource consumption, lower greenhouse gases emission and less waste products. These are our main R&D direction, and advantages of our products. "

Exhibits & Expectations
At this exhibition, StrikoWestofen introduced furnace technology such as melting and holding furnace, transport equipment and dosing furnace to trade visitors and buyers. “PowerMelter® series furnaces are especially promoted on this exhibition. StrikoWestofen PowerMelter®, extremely suitable for small to medium-sized foundries, helps foundries to increase efficiency and output, and reduce wastage and pollution. In order to provide users with sustainable development technologies and solutions, StrikoWestofen has also turned attention to reduction of resources and energy consumption in recent years”, Mr. Zhang said.

He said: “southeast Asia is the world's major auto sales market and production base. Demands on auto lightweight and continuous growing of structural parts have pushed the development of aluminum casting industry. This is exactly market potential for us.”  

StrikoWestofen has become synonymous with high-end furnace technology and solutions for light metal foundry industry. StrikoMelter® melting and holding furnace, PowerMelter® the new shaft melting solution and Westomat® dosing furnace are widely praised in the industry.
StrikoMelter® melting and holding furnace

As a global leading supplier of metal parts molding and surface treatment technology, Norican Group is continuously bringing more mature complete solutions to the industry, relying on their widely applied technologies, equipment and processes. Norican has strong innovation capabilities, diversified product line and comprehensive global support services from melting, feeding to molding and surface treatment.


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