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[REVIEW] New Chance to Explore SE Asian Metal Process Market

Asia-Pacific Metal Industry Exhibition” (METAL AP 2018), over the course of three days, was successfully closed in Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center on September 21, 2018.

Though this is the first year for METAL AP to present itself in front of the world, the exhibition has attracted approximate 70 exhibitors from 11 countries and areas including China, Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, etc. Technologies, materials, equipment and products in metallurgy, die-making, metal casting, die casting, industrial furnace, automation and other related industries exhibited in this trade show have been welcomed universally by local visitors because they meet urgent needs of Southeast Asian market and enterprises at present.

There is no doubt that Southeast Asia is one of areas with stupendous potential for economical development. Southeast Asia consists of ten ASEAN members including Thailand, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. and East Timor. The area benefits from its large population of more than 600 million, political stability and rapid development of economy. Local manufacturing industry, however, lags behind relatively.

Recent years have witnessed a continuous increase of production cost due to the raise of labor fee in domestic market, which leads to obvious flow of global capital for investment and transfer of manufacturing industry to Southeast Asian market. As its neighbor, China shares similar culture with Southeast Asia and came into an agreement on free trade with ASEAN. In addition to that, ASEAN has given great impetus on free trade and economic integration within members. Most Southeast Asian countries are along “One Belt, One Road”, which means a powerful policy support for Chinese enterprises to explore Southeast Asia by foreign trade or factory establishment. Chinese enterprises are in a unique position to benefit from it!

Such a big market also generates large demands on basic industries including foundry, die casting, furnace and metallurgy, etc. The area has attracted so many international mainstream auto and spare part makers to build their factories there and collected numerous downstream firms working on construction materials, 3C, electromechanical products, etc. Combined with acceleration of local infrastructure, market demand on metal parts and complete sets of manufacturing equipment is extremely huge.

As a bridge and link between China and Southeast Asia, “Asia-Pacific Metal Industry Exhibition” offers a comprehensive service platform with an integration of exhibition & demonstration, business trade & cooperation and technical exchange to relevant enterprises in these two areas. Favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions enable METAL AP to settle down inThailand. More importantly, exhibition organizers are senior state-level organizations serving industries such as foundry, die casting, metallurgy, furnace, etc. Conditions are ripe and success comes.

The successful debut grants METAL AP a promising future of becoming a Southeast Asia-based high-end comprehensive industry service platform to serve the entire Asia-Pacific area.

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